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CAST Foundation

CAST (Culture, Arts, Science, and Technology) Foundation is a platform to build a meaningful life ecosystem through bridging the intersection of culture, arts, science, and technology. Our responsibility is to build awareness of the urgency behind  ecological and economical matters in today’s world and to have a future outlook especially for communities and individuals in a post-covid world. 

Content Strategist

Celsy Sabilla

All Flowers Bloom in Time (Unpublished)

As the brand Tulisan was growing, it was important to find different means to push for the brand communication. This project was designed as an extension of Tulisan’s marketing campaign where it introduces the journey Melissa Sunjaya as the founder of Tulisan.

The book was approached through a storytelling method. An in-depth interview was conducted with Melissa and her peers to understand each chapter of her life leading up to Tulisan. The result was a book separated into fictional and factual narration equipped with visuals to support each chapter.

Writer and Researcher

Celsy Sabilla

Weaving Stories 

Weaving Stories is a storytelling development programme meant to redefine oral tradition through new ways of approaching heritage. Here, under the British Council, we visited two crafts organisation in Mandar and Makassar in Sulawesi, East Indonesia to build a narrative on old tradition.

Through a residency and a storybuilding method the outcome of the project is two separate books highlighting the value of crafts in a fable-like storytelling method supported by illustrations. These books would then be given back to the community of crafters hoping it builds the value of crafts for the next generation.

Programme Manager and Concept Initiator

Makassar International Writers Festival

Dapoer Dongeng
Narrative 4 Change

Into the Woods 

Into the Woods is a design exhibition which introduces the finest wood makers and wooden goods from Nara Okuyamato, Japan, to Jakarta, Indonesia.

It is part of an ongoing programme that builds the link between designers in Japan and Indonesia named Design Camp @ Okuyamato with Door to Asia. It was initiated to propose design solution for local businesses in Nara Prefecture, Japan, to be adaptable to the world market.

Content Director

Table Six
Studio Dasar